Pré-prints de 2003

2003.01 - A pirâmide de Pascal ( Luzitelma Maria Barbosa de Castro e Praciano-Pereira, Tarcisio )
Mostramos uma generalização do Triângulo de Pascal em que pisos de uma pirâmide governam a distribuição das potências de um trinômio.

2003.02 - A new projector (Medeiros, J.C.O., Rodrigues dos Santos, S., Praciano-Pereira, T.)
In this paper we present a new projector by modifying a previous construction of an interpolation projector of ours. This new projector produces quasi-convolution splines tangent to the target function.

2003.03 - Existence of compact support splines (Medeiros, J.C.O., Rodrigues dos Santos, S., Praciano-Pereira, T.)
We shall develop here the construction of a compact support convolution spline kernel, that is, a kernel, a function whose integral is one, with compact support that is a spline. These objects are the nth-power by convolution of characteristic functions of intervals. Convolution spline kernels are not really new, they appeared in a paper of one of the authors of this paper, in 1994, and at the same time in papers of others authors, the main reason for this paper lies in the construction itself, a very simple one we found using distribution derivatives which we believe will open the way for a simple algorithm to implement these splines in a computer program.

2003.04 - Precision results regarding an interpolation projector (Medeiros, J.C.O., Rodrigues dos Santos, S., Praciano-Pereira, T.)
In this paper we present a modified version of convolution spline basis, but now these convolution splines are tangent to the target function f at the precision points. This has been done by constructing a spline approximation of f' and obtaining f by integration. The algorithm is more effective but has to be improved yet. In the previous process the spline function passed by the precision points with zero derivative, with good precision regarding the energy, but bad visual performance. Graphs are supplied to make the comparison clear.

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